Thao Am Private Enterprise là tổ chúc quỹ tín dụng tư nhân nhằm mục đích phi lợi nhuận, tổ chức hoạt động vì cộng đồng giúp người được hỗ trợ tại địa phương mà chúng tôi hướng tới có công ăn việc làm ổn định với việc trở thành người làm nội dung cho website và nội dung video cho Youtube
Thao Am Private Enterprise (nonprofit organizations) help people with disabilities in our community to understand Content creator and Web design for AdSense approval. And could earn through the content website and youtube video creator.
We look forward to welcoming you to our official website. Whether you contact us at ︎ facebook or contact form, our Specialists can help you.

We’re helping our community people, disabled people, set up a new fresh Adsense account with a domain or Youtube channel to work as a content creator.

Approved and Ads live.


Our job is bringing more good things for people by building AdSense website approval, including 01 domain name and 01 accounts approved fully.

Every time you shop, buy our product or donate, we'll give a $65 donation with each purchase to a Thao Am Private Enterprise charity in Vietnam. To fulfill our mission, create more jobs for people in the community.

1 We’re building AdSense website approval and selling an utterly original account.

If your donation is originating outside Vietnam



If your donation is originating in Vietnam







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Phạm Xuân Tiếp

Middle man

Always deal via admin.
You can pm me on ︎facebook to know which admin we going to deal with.

Thanks you.

We help people in our community to plant a tree, making a profit on land

help people Plant tree, and make profit from land

we take donations from donations, basic supplies, software, hardware, and give them away to those who need them most.

To give everyone the opportunity to access technology, and have an extra job at home and an additional source of income.

Find us at ︎ facebook. Or ︎ +84337036819. We’re spent most time on facebook, so easily to find and talk with us.

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